Working with Ben Kelly Psychologist

Blue Iris Psychology offers confidential therapy, counselling, treatment and support for a variety of issues and concerns, for ages across the lifespan, from people in their teens to retirees.

Issues we can help with;

Depression and mood

Therapy and support for a wide degree of mood difficulties, from chronic depression to issues such as feeling down or sad, lacking energy, feeling unmotivated, lack of joy in things, insomnia, lack of sleep.


Therapy and support for a wide spectrum of anxiety related issues including social anxiety, excessive worry and rumination, panic attacks, obsessions and compulsions, phobias, generalised anxiety, health anxiety and work anxiety.

Grief and Bereavement

Dealing with the loss of loved ones through death or illness or other life circumstances.


Therapy for people who have endured traumatic experiences at one point, or multiple times in their lives and might be experiencing distressing or confusing symptoms as a result of the trauma. A traumatic experience can include, but is not limited to, experiences such as abuse (sexual, emotional, psychological), sexual assault, physical assault, physical injury, natural disaster, or other traumatic events.

Relationships – Familial, social and professional

Individual counselling for difficulties in relationships with partners, spouses, or family. Counselling and support for difficulties in professional relationships, or friendships.

Workplace related issues

Counselling for workplace issues such as work stress, assertiveness at work, conflict resolution, workplace bullying, harassment, redundancy, unemployment, career change and instability, interpersonal challenges and interpersonal communication, time management, procrastination, managing workloads.

Confidence and self esteem

Therapy and counselling for people who struggle with issues such as self esteem, self worth, confidence, finding meaning in their life and in their existence.

Drug and Alcohol Issues

Treatment and help for alcohol and drug abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, abstinence, and working through the recovery process.


Therapy for problem gambling and addiction. Help and support for family and friends of problem gamblers.

Dealing with life challenges, life obstacles and change

Support and therapy for significant life changes such as divorce and separation, childbirth, ageing, blended families, career change, moving cities or towns, loss of whatever kind, feeling stuck in life, career direction.

Anger Management

Treatment and help for people who experience difficulty regulating emotions of anger in a healthy and acceptable way.